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The Antennas


Left to right photos:
45 foot crankup (stuck at 30 feet right now) with Hy-Gain HAM IV Rotor. Hy-Gain HAM IV Manual
Top Antenna: TH3 purchased around 1977 : 8 dB Gain on 10/15/20 meters Telex Hy-gain TH3MK3-S Manual
Bottom Antenna: Homebrew 5-element for 6 meters. Mast mounted is SSB Electronics SP-6 Pre-amp; 0.9dB NF, 20dB gain. SP-6 Manual

GAP Voyager DX-IV.  45 foot high. Used on 160, 80, and 40; GAP VOYAGER DX IV
You can see reviews of this antenna here

Cushcraft R7000 for 10,12,15,17,20,30, and 40 meters. 24 feet on 21 foot mast. Cushcraft R7000 Manual (pdf)
For in depth analysis of the R7000 at my location see this link. NOTE: This antenna is no longer in use
You can't see it in the photo, but there is a 60M dipole hung at the base.
I have one whole contract on 60m so far (the IC761 has the modifcation done for all frequency transmit).

2 meter turnstile for ISS and Satellite work.

Photo coming, 2 meter Hy-gain VB-216SAT circular polarized beam, 8 effective elements for 10.5dBd gain.

Photo coming, 12/17 meter spiderbeam. This antenna and a 30 meter inverted V has replaced the R7000

The Radios

IC-761: The workhourse of the shack since 1988, and it's been to KH8 twice ICOM 761 Manual

RF Concepts Alpha 8410: A pair of 4CX1000A tubes pushes 2KW 8410 Manual

IC-706: Mostly used for 6 and 2 meters ICOM 706 Manual

Mirage B-2516-G Amplifier: 2 meters amplifier. Up to 160W out. IC706 only puts out 10W, so best I do on 2 meters is ~ 80watts. Pre-amp 0.6dB NF, 20dB gainMirage B-2516-G Manual

The Accessories

Bird 43 Wattmeter: All HF RF power flows through here; 1000W HF slug; 1000w 6 meter slug; 25w 2 meter slug Bird 43 Manual

SignaLink USB Sound Card Interface: A must for those digital modes. Two of them in the shack, one for each radio. SignalLink Manual

MFJ SWR Analyzer - Valuable tool for troubleshooting antennas and feedlines MFJ-259B Manual

AEA Morse Machine - A must have for CW contesting MM-3 Manual

Oldies But Goodies

PK232. Remember when packet spotting was over the air on 2 meters? This unit was always on. This was also my RTTY interface. I even made a AMTOR contact, remember that mode?
Recently I wanted to make a contact with the International Space Station but they only run a packet BBS, so I pulled out the old PK232 and manually formed some email and APRS packets and made the contact. PK-232 manual

Ten-Tec Titan: A pair of 3CX800A7 Eimac tubes pushes out full legal power. However it is sensitive to VSWR (found out the hard way). Now sitting idle. Was not cost effective to buy new tubes. Bought the Alpha 8410 as a replacement TITAN 425 Manual

Swan 6 meters

FL2100B Amplifier

SSB Electronics 6 meter converter