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Amateur Weather Station in West Hills, CA at Amateur Radio Station KF6HI

Data is from Ambient WS2080. Wireless station mounted 15 ft up in a palm tree to indoor receiver. Data from receiver is over USB to PC running Linux. I tried many different open source software packages but all had either configuration errors or runtime errors. Finally found one simple enough to work reliably. Running PYWWS and custom templates. Installation documentation is very easy to understand.

Current Conditions, updated every 5 minutes

Time14:59 PDT
Outside Temp: 15.2°C / 59.4°F
Dew Point: 12.7°C / 55.9°F
Outside Humidity 85%
Wind NW
average3 mph
gust 7 mph
Rain(hourly) 287.85 in
Pressure: 1017 hPa / 30.02 inHg

Inside Temp 19.9°C / 67.8°F
Inside Humidity 63%
Sundial Noon13:01
on following day
Moon light92 %
Radar courtesy of KABC-TV

Max Temp Yesterday: 62.2°F at 14:38

Min Temp Yesterday: 52.0°F at 01:03
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